Email is a useful tool for communicating and is excellent for sharing information day to day. But we should be careful about using it to share sensitive information. It can be relatively easy for unwanted people to intercept and access the emails that we send, even when we use strong passwords. To alleviate this, all social care providers are encouraged to apply for and utilise an NHSMail account which contains the expected security standards for the safe transfer of medical and patient records between recipients. For example it allows GPs to send prescriptions to care homes by email or share medical information. Two providers locally have shared with us the benefits of using NHSmail in their organisation which we would encourage you to read to understand how it could also support your setting.

How do I use NHSMail?

Partners in Care are able to support you to activate and utilise your NHSmail account. Please see the NHSmail Solutions and NHSmail Help Desk Information within this page to support any queries you many have. You can contact the team for one to one support or book on to one of our upcoming NHSmail workshops by clicking here.

Free access to Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft's online video conferencing software and is included free of charge with NHS Mail. With Teams you can meet remote colleagues without leaving the office or allow GPs to conduct 'virtual consultations' with your service users.

Contractual obligation with the Health Service and Local Authorities

As more emphasis is placed on data security, the health system will likely prioritise working with providers who have NHS.net to the detriment of those who do not. If you have an existing contract with your CCG it is a contractual requirement that you have or are working towards obtaining NHS.net. It also gives you access to the contact details of nearly 1 million health personnel.

It also counts towards your KLoEs

CQC will also look favourably on a provider having NHS.net (KLOEs 2.8 Well Led)