You care for the people who use your service and your staff…but are you taking care of their personal information?

What is the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT)?

The DSPT is an online self-assessment tool for data security which ensures that organisations have the right processes and practices in place to manage, hold and process data safely and legally (this applies equally to digital and paper records). The DSPT has recently been updated so many of the questions have been simplified, updated or removed all together to make it more suitable for all adult social care providers.

As a social care provider, you have a duty to safeguard confidential patient information, and are responsible for ensuring data is collected, handled, stored and shared securely.

Partners in Care have been awarded a grant to support local care providers on their data security journey as part of the national Better Security, Better Care programme. This means you can reassure the people you support and their families, your staff, commissioners, regulators, and health and care partners, that you are following good practice and meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

We know there are a lot of different data, digital and cybersecurity projects underway in the health and social care sectors. We are working with our local councils, CCGs, Integrated Care Systems and NHS partners and networks to ensure that the support we offer fits in the best way locally.

What do I need to do now?

PIC is running a comprehensive programme of events to support you to complete the DSPT for your organisation. Alongside our regular workshops, we are also offering one-to-one support for any care provider in the DSPT process requiring extra support and guidance, you are also welcome to email or call us for any advice.

If you are new to DSPT or would just like to know bit more about it we recommend you start with the following event:

DSPT Session One - Introduction & Registration Session

- This event will be running on a monthly basis and will give an overview of the DSPT and how to register your organisation.

We will be offering two follow-on sessions covering the main areas for completion within the DSPT:

DSPT Session Two - Staffing & Roles and Policies & Procedures

DSPT Session Three - Data Security & IT Systems & Devices

Please CLICK HERE to visit our Eventbrite page and book your space at any of the our DSPT related webinars. If you would like some advice on which session(s) your organisation should consider attending please email or call us.