All Things Digital

A dedicated space for all aspects of digital working, new technologies and support

Care is becoming more digital and it can be confusing when you are a provider to understand what each system does and how it can benefit you.

Within this digital area we have pulled together information on some of the more popular solutions, what they mean and if there's any support to help you adopt them.

Please click on the following links to find out more:

Digital Forum

The Digital Forum is a dedicated space for all aspects of digital working, new technologies and support, to find out more please click here

Data Security & Protection Toolkit

The DSPT is an online assessment of your data protection policies and procedures. Successful completion of the DSPT is a requirement for most NHS Digital services including NHSMail. For more information and details of the support we have available please click here


NHSMail is a secure email system which is available free of charge to social care providers. With NHS Mail you can transfer information securely to all parts of the health service and local government. For more details please click here

Digital Social Care Records

There is funding available to CQC registered care providers to implement a move from paper records to an electronic form of record keeping and care planning known as a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR). To find out more please visit our DSCR page

Sensor Based Falls Technologies

Sensor Based Falls Prevention and Detection is technology designed to monitor occurrences of falls using devices such as sensor pads or acoustic monitoring. Please click here for more information and funding opportunities

Digital Training

With the dramatic increase of digital products it’s essential to ensure that we equip staff with the skills and competencies. Please click here for further information