What is I Care...Ambassadors?

I Care...Ambassadors are enthusiastic people working in adult social care who are willing to share their experiences with others who may not have previously considered a role within this sector. The aim is to help people to gain a better understanding about working in social care, dispel the negative myths which are associated with the sector and promote the fantastic opportunities that a career in care can offer.

Who can become an I Care...Ambassador?

We need people of all ages and stages within their social care career to join us an I Care Ambassador - you just need to love the job you are doing!

What will I be expected to do?

By becoming an ambassador you will be given various opportunities to attend Jobs Fair's, Schools, College's, Job Centre's and Community Groups as part of the service. This could involve any of the following: Presentations, informal talks and discussions, interactive group activities, supporting information stands at events and guided workplace visits.

What are the benefits for I Care...Ambassadors

  • Develop confidence and skills
  • Support career progression
  • Training opportunities
  • Promote a positive image of social care

What are the benefits for employers?

  • Raise their profile as a quality employer who invests in staff development
  • Attract new workers
  • It can help to reduce future marketing and recruitment costs
  • I Care...Ambassador activities help to develop and motivate staff
  • Promote a positive image of social care

What support will I receive?

When you first sign up to become an I Care...Ambassador, Partners in Care will welcome you to an introduction session where you will be able to access online learning modules that will help you to become familiar with the ambassador role and introduce you to the wide range of resources available. You can expect to attend your first few events with an experienced ambassador who will mentor you and there are often opportunities for learning and development.

OK - I'm interested! What's next

Please contact us to guide you through the registration process.

For more information on I Care...Ambassadors click here